Agricultural Insurance Markets

We support establishing new index markets, including all activities from product design to full-scale implementation. Our services include identifying suitable index products, conducting demand analysis, and offering digital solutions for insurance implementation. We also provide settlement agent services to facilitate trustworthy cooperation between farmers, local insurance companies and reinsurance companies. 

Research offer:

Science-based assessment of novel insurance products

Laboratory experiments for insurance demand analysis

Conducting farm and household surveys

Analysis of panel and cross-section data

Business offer:

Analysis of suitable insurance products for new markets

Establishing the digital infrastructure for insurance

Communication with business organisations and state agencies 

Capacity building 

Policy offer:

Design an insurance pilot program to enable the risk  management potential of farmers

Establish contact with potential insurance and international re-insurance companies to carry out state programs

Developing online and mobile early warning systems to manage climate-related catastrophes


Econometric and statistical tools (Stata, R, SPSS)

Online data platforms for yield estimation, settlement, early warning systems and other purposes

Android and IOS-based apps (e.g. digital extension, purchases and sales)