Our Services

Innovation and Economic Growth

We develop solutions to improve the economic development of Eurasian agri-food values chains. We offer tailor-made risk management concepts, develop strategies to enhancing productivity, identify health-related diets and assists clients in the adoption of digital solutions.

Global and Regional Integration

We are supporting regional integration and trade facilitation in Eurasian agri-food economies. We assist clients in identifying and implementing solutions to trade and investment constraints and help to determine and implement the best strategy for entering new economies, or expending in existing spaces.

Regulation and Legislation/Governance

We provide policy and regulatory analysis and advice, based on cutting edge research, to international organizations, governments, companies, and think-tanks operating in Eurasian countries and focusing on Agriculture, food value chains and consumer behavior.

Surveys and Training Programs​

We offer state-of-the art/innovative and tailor-made training and education concepts for international organizations, governments, companies, and think-tanks.