Entering New Markets

We offer in-depth scientific analyses to discover regional and international agri-food markets’ performance and trade/business relationships based on big data and sophisticated analytical approaches. Backed by that, we develop (tailor-made) easy-to-use analytical tools and develop strategies to identify (accelerate) trade and market opportunities and help enter new markets

Science offer:

Science-based analysis of markets, trade and supply chains

In-depth scientific analysis and assessments based on rich data sets

Acquisition of public (project) funds from the national and international organizations (proposal writing, project management, …)

Caring-out surveys and behavioural/field experiments

Business offer:

Market research (on regional and global agri-food markets, trade and business)

Matching-making (between customers and experts)

Strategic partnerships (on the creation of new/modern business models and entering new markets)

Development/Provision of custom-made (easy-to-use) analytical/decision-supporting tools

Mapping and up-dating regional and international trade flows, business relations and price movements

Tailor-made training programs and events organisation